Airtel OFFERS Unlimited Calls & Data To Counter Safaricom

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Airtel offers cheapest data bundle plus free WhatsApp after increasing its market share. More and more Kenyans are moving to Airtel according to data from Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). Sector statistics from CAK for the period between April and June 2018 shows that Airtel’s subscribers rose from 8.7 million to 9.7 million to secure a market share of 21.4%.

Airtel is even doing more to attract more Kenyans, the telco has revamped its Amazing Data offering and has also launched free WhatsApp for every bundle purchased.

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What this means is that majority of Kenya (aged 18-35) who use data the most will find it convenient and attractive to use Airtel than any other network.

Data is key amongst the youth in Kenya especially university students, and it is also one of the key determinant of the
preferred network. With Airtel offering free WhatsApp for every bundle purchased, it only a matter of time before all these youth move to Airtel.

Amazing Data

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Airtel data package is the cheapest in Kenya, for instance with Airtel Amazing Data (*544#) you get 2GB plus free WhatsApp for the whole day for only Kes 99 bob.

Other daily data packages include; 40MB for Kes 10 bob, 100MB for Kes 20 bob, 400MB for Kes 50 bob, 250MB night data for Kes 20 bob. Remember once you subscribe to these data packages you get free WhatsApp by default.

Also important to note is that Airtel’s free WhatsApp does not eat into your purchased bundle, the free WhatsApp is separate from the bundle however you have to purchase the bundle to enjoy the free WhatsApp for the duration purchased.

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The speed also does not reduce if your bundle depletes. If the bundle you bought was for a day/24 hours then the bundle is over say at 15 hours, you will continue enjoying free WhatsApp at the same speed as if using the bundles until the subscribed duration of 24 hours is over.

There are at least 12 million Kenyans who use WhatsApp according to the research done by Kenya bloggers Association( KBA) 2018, Airtel has created a good platform for retention and recruitment of new customers. With such kind of strategies, Airel is surely poised to increase it market share by a bigger percentage.

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