Karen mall sinks 1 billion in environment management systems

The Hub Karen Group Managing Director Margaret Mbaka said the waste minimization systems has a capacity to handle more than 10,000Kgs of solid waste weekly.

The mall has also integrated an-on location sewerage treatment plant and solid waste transfer facility.

The sewerage plant, featuring an advanced grease trap system, allows the firm to discharge treated water to the Nairobi Sewerage system and sort garbage for delivery to the Dandora Waste site.

Clean recycled water from The Hub Karen is also used to run a car wash facility further reducing the overall strain on scarce water resources.

The mall is also playing a key role in public education and awareness programmes to facilitate behavioral change and sustainable environmental conservation.

“Shopping Malls and other commercial facilities are a major contributor to solid waste and it is important to incorporate waste minimization systems to curb environmental pollution. Waste minimization processes at The Hub Karen, start from the respective business operators who have been educated on the concept and recycling benefits.” she said.

Solid waste generated from shopping malls and related commercial facilities has been cited as a major contributor to the urban waste disposal challenge locally and abroad.

Nairobi has 2,475 tons of waste being produced each day.

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