Who’s the most consistent holding midfielders in this generation?

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From playmaking midfielders to the most dominant forwards, we’ve seen them all. The current season of the Premier League has offered more than what we have expected, most importantly, a stampede of new signings that have flourished not only for their teams but also for their own individual accords. The most important job on the pitch? You may think of the goalscorers and the defenders who are the gears that propel in both the front and the back of the pitch. However, there is something more to the build-up of modern football.

These powerful, quick and agile deep-lying playmakers, who are known to deny waves of attacks put forward by the opposition, and also offer the offence an avalanche of opportunities. From the legends like Claude Makelele and Patrick Vieira to the most recent ones in the form of N’golo Kante and Sergio Busquets, the defensive midfield is a position that has always proven to be an important element in a football team, being both, the playmakers and the day-savers, these ‘tanks’, as we like to call them, are more than just an addition to their current teams.

This season, the Premier League has given us some of the most prominent and consistent defensive-midfielders, who are known to strike fear in the hearts of the opposition with an intimidating and contemplating style of holding-football. Five of these maestros have proven to be the reason for the ongoing success enjoyed by their teams.

# Fernandinho – Manchester City

The Brazilian central defensive-midfielder was one of the core reasons Manchester City grabbed the 2017/18 Premier League title last season. An intelligent and resilient deep-lying playmaker, who lies as a central mechanism of the Manchester City engine, Fernandinho has made some of the most important tackles this season.

With his leadership qualities and his ability to take control of the play, this Brazilian maestro is more than just a player in his team. A world class ‘Regista’, he has been criticized in the past for disciplinary issues, but that naturally comes from the fact that his position is absolutely demanding.

This season, we haven’t seen much from the Brazilian international on paper, as his number of tackles and interceptions aren’t something we’d like to talk about, but that simply does not shy away from the fact that Fernandinho is one of the most consistent deep-lying defensive midfielders in the world, and with a long season up ahead, the Brazilian maestro is only getting started.

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